Got Perlite?

shear_stupidity(9B)February 22, 2013

I went to Lowes today to buy pine bark and perlite to add to the peat moss I already own so that I could make the 5:1:1 mix.
After spending 20 minutes wandering inside and out, and filling my cart with more plants than I care to admit to, I still couldn't find the perlite anywhere.
I asked an employee outside, they said, "Perlite? I don't think we... MERLE! Do we have something called perlite?" (It wasn't really "Merle," that's just the name I use when telling a story where one employee yells to another employee). "Merle" said to check the inside garden area. So I did, and they didn't know what it was in there, either. I'm tellin' ya, we've got the worst Lowes!
After I left, with my car too stuffed with foliage to turn around and go back, I had a little memory. I think...
Is perlite the white stuff we were told to use UNDER the above-ground pool liner at my last house? If so, back then we were told in the pool-supplies area to get it from the gardening area. Maybe now it's in the pool area??? What gives?
I'll go to Home Depot this afternoon and test their knowledge. I need more pots now anyways.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

That's a new Lowe.... ;-)

Perlite should be in the same general area as orchid mix, potting mix, et cetera. Outside, it is often stored near the bark, gravel, builder's sand.


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I was in all those areas. I even bought Orchid bark and Pine bark mini mulch today. It wasn't there. *Sigh*

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After paying way too much for those small 8 and 16 qt bags in years past, I'm going to try this online retailer:

I looked around and didn't find a better price. If someone has a better vendor, please post.

Link is below.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Last year, I looked for perlite at my Lowes and Home Depot, but I only found small bags that were over-priced. I looked on the internet, too, but the shipping costs were always prohibitive. Then I called around to some of the locally-owned nurseries in my area, and I found one place that sells a 6 cubic foot bag of perlite for around $36. It was a good price, and I was happy to give my money to a local business instead of a mega-store. Nurseries who make their own potting mix probably buy perlite in large quantities, and they might be willing to sell you a bag at a decent price.

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I'll look into it, Perlaj... the shipping from to my house was more than the cost of the actual product.

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Shipping is too expensive for me. Great price for such a large bag, though.

You can check to see if a Home Depot in your area has it in stock.
In the link below click
"Check Store Inventory +"
located under "Buy on line, pick up in store today"


Here is a link that might be useful: homedepot perlite

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Shear -

All of my big box stores around here carry the smaller bags of perlite inside the store, not in the gardening center. Wherever you find the smaller bags of soil (Miracle-Gro, etc.) is where the perlite is. In fact, I don't remember ever seeing a large bag of perlite anywhere in those big box stores.

Alternatively, any Lowes should be able to order this in for you if you give them the item #: 156581 : Model #: 74278300

Link to the Lowes page for the MG Perlite is below. You may need a lot more, I suppose...? It's a start!

But it is pretty overpriced and I have to think I can get a better deal elsewhere locally -- but have yet to source something like that. Given my lack of real space in which to garden, paying a bit more for it is worthwhile not to store the large bags.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lowes MG Perlite

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Thanks, Sugi. I'll take that information to Lowes and pray they know how to use their computer system. LOL!
I'm willing to pay for convenience, too. I don't need very many bags that size and don't want to store 'extra.'
Thanks again for looking up the item and model #'s!

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Shear're in Titusville right ?

All the Orlando Hydroponic stores as well as Palmer Feed and Seed (Downtown) have the GRACE Coarse 4 cu ft bags for similar prices......It's always the shipping!!!!!

Drop me an e-mail via my name/profile


Here is a link that might be useful: Urban Sunshine Online Perlite

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