? about tuberosa 'The Pearl'

Prettypetals_GA_7-8April 8, 2011

I ordered some bulbs and wondered if I needed to do anything special to them tonight before I plant them in the ground? I can't find any directions so not real sure what to do. Thanks for your help, Judy

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All they require is plenty of heat. Thats not exactly true, they also like plenty of water, and regular feeding if in a container, or rich organic soil in the ground. If not planted where they get enough sun or heat they will not bloom. When I lived close to the coast it was a struggle to find enough heat if we had a foggy summer. I kept them in containers and if they did not bloom I would bring them in to a sunny window in the fall. I had some blooming in January and February, that should have bloomed during the past summer. I have some now in containers, kept in an 80 degree incubator to give them an early start, they will be planted in the ground when the soil warms. Al

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Thanks Al. I hope they bloom this summmer because I am so anxious to see how beautiful they are. Thanks again, Judy

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Advice from an old gardener to me was, soak them in lukewarm water for 30 minutes before planting. Also don't break up the clumps of bulbs when they multiply. let them do this on their own. The tips of the bulbs should show above the ground when you plant them.

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Well dang. I already planted them before I read this flowergirl. I didn't soak them or leave the tips above ground. I planted them with about three inches of dirt above the tips. I may just pull them back up Tuesday and soak them and replant them. So did they grow for you good planting them this way? Thanks for your help, Judy

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Soaking is not necessary unless the bulbs were allowed to dry out. Tuberose never really go into a dormant state, there is always a green tip. The tip of the bulb is normally very close to the surface, if the tip is three inches below the surface, I would replant as flowergirl has suggested. In time, several years, your bulbs may become a solid clump, not just a larger bulb with a ring of small bulbs as a skirt. If this happens, then I would suggest breaking up the clump. I have seen clumps between 6 and 8 inches in diameter. I am not sure of how your zone will be for tuberose, in the ground year around, they are native to Mexico with a quite different climate. They are in the ground here for over 15 years with no problem. Al

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I ordered them from Brent and Beckys and to me they were dried out so I wasn't sure if that was how they were supposed to be when they arrived. B&B gets really good reviews so I hope the bulbs are fine. I will definitely replant them Tuesday and since I am having to lift them I might as well go ahead and soak them don't you think? I so hope they do good in the ground because I don't like to dig things up just to replant later. Thanks!

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Soaking will not hurt them. My start with the pearl came from Holland through Dutch Bulbs and they arrived fresh, that was 20 years ago. Ever since then I dig them from my garden and if not ready to replant I keep them separated in a tray of damp, gritty potting mix, and they have no chance to dry. Al

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