SWC height vs. width

suburbangardenMD(7)February 2, 2012

Before I get any math tutorials, or links to websites explaining how to measure in three dimensions...I know its not just about height and width when dealing with containers.

The question is, does anyone have any experience with differences in wicking between an earthtainer shaped container vs. a bucket? I am planning on using mostly buckets and maybe a few hydro style grow bags. From what I gathered from the thread on water movement and retention, the perched water table should be consistent from container to container using the same mix and wicking basket. I believe the example of a funnel upright and inverted was used in the main post.

Any thoughts on differences between the containers, mixes, wicking, etc.?

Other than the volume of the container, it would seem to me that as long as I dont crowd anything I should be able to stick with a 3:2:1 mix from the earthtainer in a bucket.

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how i've done mine is 1/3 water resevoir and 2/3 soil mix in the height of the container. like my 100 gal swc has 30 gal water res. but has 12 wicks for that area.

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