Orienting Gladiolas corms

leftynh6(6)April 21, 2011

I just purchased a bag of Gladiolas corms, I wanted to get an early start for a few by potting them inside for transplant outside later. (Memorial day in NH) Many of the corms have started to sprout. Some of them were 'on their side' in storage, basel plate vertical rather than horizontal.

The sprout immediately turned up parallel to the basel plate.

My question is, do I plant the corm with the basel plate down and the sprout horizontal or with the sprout pointed up with the basel plate in a vertical plane?

Thanks for your help,


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I have done both ways, if you plant basal plate down the sprout will start growing in a vertical position after some time. If you plant basal plate vertical, the roots pull it into a better position if not completely horizontal, no effect on plant.

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Thanks for your prompt reply. I plan to do two inside pottings. The first I will place the basel plate down. Three weeks later I will do one with the sprout vrtical.


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You are welcome, I hope your Gladz perform like mine or even better:

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I have a habit of planting too deeply. What is the rule-of-thumb for Glads. How deep?

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I plant them 2 inches deep, they tend to pull themselves deeper because when I dig them out, they are 5-6 inches deep in ground..

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