Planting Japanese Black Pine seeds in autumn?

SilversourceOctober 21, 2012

Hello everybody,

I've been doing bonsai, for nearly two years now. And I've been considering growing some from seed, for the first time. My thoughts go to Japanese maples, which sowing seed at this time of the year are perfect(or so I read). And I pretty much love Japanese maples anyway.

But I also thought about sowing some Japanese Black Pines seed. I live in West-Europe(Holland) and I read that somewhere around March seems to be a good time to plant the seeds.

My question to you ladies and gentlemen is: It is feasible to plant JBP seeds this time of the year (autumn) and keep it indoors? And if it is doable, what are the necessary procedures? Cold stratification, Scarification, etc?

I've done some research, but I am still unsure when it comes to temperatures, too.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

As long as you don't have any zonal issues (too cold), I would plant them on top of a coarse medium (like Seramis or similar) and cover with a somewhat finer medium & leave them outdoors exposed to the weather. They'll germinate in the spring. Carefully lift them, then and sever the seed radicle, then pot them in coarse sand or something that drains very well.


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