agapanthus - potted ... previously vigorous now struggling

magnolia429429April 18, 2009

I have 2 large pots of peter pans, about 7 years old, bloomed prolifically until last summer. now 1 looks good with many buds and lots of healthy roots at edges of pot. The other has leaves which have become half size, no visible roots, and 1 very weak bud! Both pots were equally crowded,ie pot -bound, Could I have over done it? over watered it [leaves are pretty green]? I don't see any signs of fungus, disease etc. the difference this season between the 2 pots is dramatic! any suggestions?

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Seven years in a crowded pot? I would knock out the plant and see what the roots look like. Small leaves are usually an indication that the plant is not getting enough nitrogen. This may be caused by the pot being so root bound the water and nutrients drain right out the bottom of the container. The drainage hole may be almost completely plugged and the roots may be in standing water, which could give the same symptoms. In either case I would re-pot with new soil. Save the newer roots and discard the older parts in the center. You don't have to use larger pots since your root mass will be smaller. Al

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