Can one grow Hyacinths from seed?

californianApril 14, 2009

My hyacinths have finished flowering and there appear to be a lot of seed pods drying on the withering stems. Are the seeds in these pods viable, and if I wanted to plant them how long should I wait to harvest the seeds, and should I let the seeds dry out for a period of time or immediately plant them if I want to try to grow more plants. As for the bulbs in the ground, when should I dig them up, and when should I replant them? I live in southern California where it is rare to get a hard freeze. These hyacinths have been growing outside for several years now and have never been thinned out and the clumps of flowers keep getting bigger each year. They are growing in an area with mostly shade. If I replant them should I put them in a sunnier area?

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I imagine that saving seeds and growing hyacinths from seed would be very much like growing daffodil seeds.

Taken from the link below
When Do I Harvest the Seed?

The easiest time is to wait until the pod just starts to shrink or shrivel up a little after it has turned brown. Some of them will even start to open up from the end - this definitely means they are ripe.

This usually means the seed is mature. Remove the seed from the pod to plant.

What Do I Do Then?

I usually keep the seed cool and dry for a month or so and then sow the seed in a baggie half-filled with damp vermiculite. I put this in the frig crisper so it stays cool and damp for 90 days.

I then simply put the seed into a pot filled with good, weed-free artificial soil (like Promix), barely cover the seed, water with luke warm water, and let it germinate at room temperature.

Sometimes you donÂt even have to use the pre-cooling but can simply sow them in pots in the spring. You wonÂt get as high a germination this way but it does work for some of the seeds.

The seed will look like bits of grass.

Here is an interesting tidbit I found on line.....hyacinth leaf cuttings. I had never heard of that before.



Here is a link that might be useful: Daffodil Seed

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