Sweet Potatos not sprouting

foolishpleasureApril 8, 2011

I planted sweet potatos in pots first and was planning to take them out when it warms up. They developed lots of roots but no leaves. What should I do?


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Perhaps be patient?? How long have they been in the pots? If they have roots, in my experience, leaves are sure to follow. :-)

By the way, you have posted this in the Bulbs Forum; sweet potatos are not bulbs, they are tubers. You might want to repost in the Vegetable Gardening Forum for more info... Vegetable Forum


Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Sweet Potatos

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Thanks Holly

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This thing has been in water for one month then I removed then into Sphagnum moss for about one month now. They have roots but no leaves or splits (is that a correct word) So I decided to buy from the nursery a set of 25 plants for around $17.00 I love sweet potatoes because it is sweet.

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