Banyan bonsai preparation

patmcl48October 20, 2013

Hi all

I have these 3 cuttings that rooted about 6 weeks ago. They were taken from a small tree and I couldn't take any large branches, so I now have these fully rooted and 6 or 7 inch tall trees.

Im intending to transplant them up to a bigger pot soon, but I have a few questions about a plan I could implement to maximize growth potential in just a few months after the frost recedes in NY.

Ive read elsewhere that these trees grow particularly well when planted in the ground and then potted after about 1.5 or 2 years. This gives them ample time to thicken their trunk and develop a mature bark layer.

I am a complete novice and dont have any experience other than growing quite a few houseplants for the past few years, but would it be a good thing to actually plant the banyan trees I have outside once spring sets in? I feel that the digging up in the fall would cause a bit of damage, but it could be done.

Maybe just keeping the banyan trees in large pots outside in the warmer months would be best

I live near the finger lakes in NY and the winter forces me to keep alot of plants indoors.

Thanks for the time!

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