Blue Tulips:( Yeah right!

ninamoraApril 24, 2007

Did anyone else buy the blue tulips that were everywhere last fall? Some came in packages called Freedom, and where mixed with red and white. Supposed to be American tulip colors. I can't remember the name of the blue ones...but they aren't blue at all. They are dark pink/violet, and they look awful with the bright red and white tulips. I'm going to try to get a refund.

Anyone else disappointed?

Nina in PA6

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Nancy zone 6

I didn't get the tulips, but I did get caught with "Blue Lagoon" & Lavendar Lady" peonies. I don't mind those because they are lovely peonies, but NOT blue by any stretch of the imagination. More like fushia. I have been disappointed with my "pink" daffs, but at least if you squint your eyes just so, in the light, you can see pink. At least mine didn't come with red/white/blue, that would not be pretty! So sorry for your disappointment. I do remember those packages somewhere, it did sound good, I just don't try to do tulips.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

Same thing in the daylily world. They pursue blue relentlessly but get various shades of magenta. For pretty blues I like Muscari and irises. Then there are delphiniums but I haven't gotten up enough courage to try them yet. The iris people pursue red and pink but the reds are very dark. They get some really great blacks, though.;-)

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hopflower(z8/z15 CA Sunset)

Before you all get into a lather; it is important to remember that care must be taken when buying "blue" plants. Most blues in the horticultural world are actually a form of lavender or violet, as blue is a colour very hard to replicate in nature. There are a few natural blue plants such as delphiniums and certain pansies (viola) and gentian. But it is a colour very coveted; and most plant engineers work very hard to get a true blue; some have been successful. Apparently it is hard to get the red out of it; however, some results are quite close.

They are working on more blues; meanwhile, see the plants you are interested in in person before investing in them; it saves time, money, and frustration!

Black flowers in most cases are not really black; but a very dark red or maroon.

There has never been a yellow sweet pea; many people want to see them in that colour; but so far no luck. It seems that some flowers just do not come in certain colours.

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Nancy zone 6

I know hopflower, it usually doesn't really bother me because I have learned that. My daffs I got early in my growing "career", & learned by experience. By the time I bought the "blue lagoon" peony, I knew enough to be cautious. I really wasn't disappointed. I know blues are hard. Still, there are a few really blue flowers in the plant world, so why try to pretend that a fushia flower is blue. Same with red. Take creeping phlox-they have pink, blue, purple, & "red" creeping phlox. The so called red is fushia. The blue is really sort of a lavendar, but close enough I can go with it. But the red is nowhere near red. Why try to mislead people by calling it red, & tinting the photos? But that is a particular "rant" of mine. I've actually learned not to get riled anymore, but I don't think any company should strive to disappointment.

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hopflower(z8/z15 CA Sunset)

Right. I know what you mean, and it can be disappointing to be sure. But I don't think the companies do that to disappoint; to some people those lavenders count as being in the blue family. To us, they don't!

Perhaps a more detailed description in the catalogue is in order.

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dobra1629(z5 NY)

Delphiniums are the way to go if you are looking for true blue. I found several at Lowes here in Houma a few weeks ago. I had them in NC also. I wish I knew how to attach a photo.

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I'm not sure what you got caught up in and don't really care, however this definitely needs to be addressed. There is a very specific Tulip that is called the Blue Tulip and it has been in cultivation in Asia for centuries. The colors of the Blue Tulip are various shades of purple and lilac. So trying to get a refund may make you feel better, but I hardly think your lack of knowledge is a basis for a refund. But for others that come here trying to find out about the Blue Tulip, lets avoid any further misunderstandings.
1st if you see a true blue colored Tulip, know that it has been dyed this color. This is very common, especially in wedding settings.
2nd, I highly doubt that anyone is trying to be deceptive in the selling of Blue Tulip bulbs, if you buy a bulb sold as a Blue Tulip, expect it to be any color in the light purple family but definitely not blue! I have included a link from a very reputable Tulip seller that sells the Blue Tulip.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Tulip Sale

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actually they to try to mislead all in the name of sales ive seen these so-called blue tulips advertised in plant catalogs infact i received one today with a bright robbins egg blue tulip advertised called blue lagoon...thats what inspired my search and lead me to this sight i was curious if they had perfected a true blue...ive never seen them advertised so blatantly as a blue...usually they are part of a collection hidden amongst the other tulips but put there to catch your eye

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