Voles,moles & mice eaten Tulip bulbs.

jolj(7b/8a)April 18, 2012

What should I do.

Do I have to dig everything up & plant in containers or in underground wire boxes?

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evertime the subject of Voles, moles & mice come up digging them up is the general consensus wire boxes or screens is about the only thing that will keep your bulbs save. good luck.

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If I mix the tulip bulbs with daffodil bulbs will the moles/ voles and other vermin still go after the tulip bulbs, or will the daffodils deter them?

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Well, a few years ago, I planted about 200 daffs and 100 tulips intermingled under a pear tree. The critters have left me ONE tulip now, but somehow it has managed to come back for the past few years and even bloom (it's a Red Emporer, one of the more reliable ones).

So, I'd say no, they're not safe if interplanted.

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The best way to protect the bulbs from rodents - soak them before planting in the tetra methyl thiuram disulfide. But alas, it was banned. Try soaking in a broth of the most hottest peppers.

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Victor M162S clean kill mousetrap, is absolutely amazing! Its just hitting the market. Its available at WALMART and AMAZON and some hardware stores. These traps are reusable or disposable, indoor or outside. Children and pet safe. No sight .. touch.. or chemicals involved.

Here is a link that might be useful: Victor Clean-Kill Mouse Trap Instructional Video

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Active cats do seem to help keeping rodents in check.

But sadly, I've given up on tulips for the most part. I'll try some species specimens here and there. Daffodils come in many versions, and are a joy to see year after year.

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