Hyacinth bean growth?

LMA84May 3, 2013

I planted purple Hyacinths that were already in bloom (purchased as a potted plant) and planted them in my garden. The flowers have long withered and I had left them alone. Yesterday I noticed that one of them are growing bean looking buds on the stem where the flowers once were. Can someone tell me what these are? I am completely new to this.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Those green pods hold the seeds. You can cut off the flowering stems if you want as they supposedly sap the strength of the bulb.

Not to be confused with Lablab purpureus, aka Hyacinth Bean, a vine which produces true beans and is unrelated to Hyacinthus orientalis, your bulbs.

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flora said it best. To be even more plainly spoken, a Hyacinth bean, is a bean, and acts like a bean in every way. Al

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