Newbie bulb help

jerem(5b)May 3, 2010

Hi im new to gardening any especially bulbs and i bought some bulbs like Gladiolus/Dahlia/Lily/Liatris/Tigridia and most say plant out after last frost date and my last frost date is May 17th im wondering if its too early to plant the bulbs now? Or should i wait? I checked the 15 day forcast and the lowest i see is overnight of 2°C

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Go ahead and plant them now.

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I agree to plant them now. Bulbs are pretty hardy.

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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

I am not sure if you planted them yet but....

I stagger my glad bulbs. I plant some one week and then wait a week and plant a few more and then again in another week ect...

I do this so I have a longer bloom period.

I wait to plant my glads until the end of May though. My last frost date is the same as yours.

I woudl wait to plant your Dahlias, they may rot in cold wet 'Spring' soil if they are not started indoors first.

But the other posters are correct, most bulbs are pretty hardy, but a dahlia is a tuber and very frost sensative. You could cover them if the eather gets too chilly. It looks like we are clear of frost after this week.

I cant wait to plant all 600 + dahlias!... well my back is not looking forward to it : )


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