viridiflora tulips

darobi2459(5)May 6, 2013

This is the second season for these bulbs for me. I have a few this year that Im not sure if it came from seed or perhaps the flower reverted (not sure if this is possible with tulips)? Cant see them in the pic, but there are 3 of them two similar to eachother and 1 that realy does look like a cross.

I dabbed some pollen off these guys onto my white doubles, hope it sticks :)

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Those sure are lovely. Looks like they might just still be around for Mother's day too.

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Thanks, they might be at least some of them that pop up a bit later than the rest. Think I will order another bag of them this fall :)

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karin_mt(4 MT)

I love that pink one. 'Virichick,' right? I had it once and it was totally cool. I love the green tulips but I wish they returned a bit better in subsequent years. I like how they are so late so you can extend the tulip season.

I definitely approve of getting another bag next fall. :)

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Hi Karen, Yes I believe thats the right name. The variegated one is china girl that has pink too. I love the orangish one. It opens like an iris.

They came up better this year, but that may be because we actually had rain this spring lol. I got these off of amazon

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