When to plant old bulbs?

elberethMay 5, 2010

I found some daffodil bulbs that I never managed to get into the ground last fall. Should I plant them now so they can produce leaves and build up the bulb for next year's bloom, or should I plant them in the fall as usual? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,


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Plant them now, by next fall they may be too dessicated to grow. If you would add your location or zone to your post any answers would be more relevant. Al

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I'm in Toronto, Ontario. I usually plant bulbs in large pots that sit in full sun on the patio, and then bring them into a frost-free garage to overwinter. The pots tend to dry out quickly, so should I water the bulbs regularly once I plant them or only if they put some leaves out? Thanks,


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I would water them when planting, trying to get foliage growth to add energy to the bulb even if they do not bloom. This should assure nice fat bulbs for next years bloom. Though not familiar with your climate, I doubt the summer temperatures would be too much for your bulbs in pots if kept watered. Your pots I am sure contains potting mix that drains well. Al

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Yep, potting mix is tried and true. Thanks for your advice, Al!


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