daffodil bulbs that didn't get planted

david883(5/6)May 13, 2013

I dug up a bunch of daffodil bulbs last fall that were very crowded. There were MUCH more than I ever expected. It looked like 5 plants max but there were 25+ bulbs. I replanted many of them (and they're happy now) but some... I just didn't have room for. So I kept them in my garage in a netted bag. They began sprouting a little while ago and now the little sprouts are browning. I moved them into my basement, which is slightly cooler than my garage. my question now is... can I plant them in the fall or are they goners? The bulbs aren't as plump as they were but they're not terrible. Any advise would be appreciated.

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Plant them somewhere now, they will be nothing by the fall. Al

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