Newly-dug daffodil bulbs--what to do now?

johnsaunt(7)May 25, 2009

I had to move a big bunch of miniature daffs to make room for more tomatoes. What should I do with the bulbs now? Should I replant them or store them in a cool basement until fall? Or something else. Please advise!

Thanks, Ginny

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Carrie B

Plant them, doing your best to preserve what green foliage remains.

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You shouldn't have moved them when you did...they're out of the ground now and chances are the foliage has wilted...and will not send its sugars back down into the bulb.

Put them back ...somewhere...and hope the foliage will die back and do send energy back down into the bulb.
If you cant plant them in their permanent place, then put them into a container and let them finish what they should have been allowed to do.
Then, put them back when you can.

Daffodil bulbs do not need to be lifted--they stay in the ground year round and and need no protection whatsoever.

You will get your verdict on them next season whether what you did did them harm.

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The foliage *had* already turned brown. That's why I'm so late putting in my tomatoes! I waited until the tops of the bulbs had died before I dug them up.

I was afraid that if I replanted them as soon as they'd turned dormant, they might get jolted out of hibernation. I remember reading that daffodil bulbs should be planted only in the fall, but perhaps that was not correct.

Now that you know the bulbs were dormant, do you still think I should plant them right away?

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Carrie B

Yes, plant them.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

No, I would advise not planting them now, since they had the foliage ripen and wither before digging them. As you asked before, just store them in the cool basement until proper fall planting time, which is when the soil cools a good bit in your area.


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