Who posted the pictures of bulbs planted in pots?

pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)May 25, 2011

Somebody posted their pictures of bulbs that had been planted in pots in their flowerbeds over the winter? I thought it would be great way to be able to keep the bulbs into groups, and when they finished blooming, all you'd have to do is dig the pot up, put elsewhere until foliage died back on its own.

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What you suggest works fine. About three gallon nursery pots would work good for bulbs and be easy to sink into the garden, and easy to remove after the bloom. I maintain a commercial area garden where it needs to look year around and I have an area where I change out pots regularly. Al

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

That's the news I wanted to hear! We think I'll post a message on our Garden Club website(Yahoogroup?)to see if anybody has some to give away in my area or post a request on FreeCycle.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

I found some pots on www.greenhousemegastore.com
called Dillen color pots. the 8 in. in diameter is 6 1/16 in. in height..a little over 1 gal. volume..would that work for planting tulips in over winter? or do I need to go deeper? I can get a hobby pack for $11 for 10 pots if I read the details correctly. I would dig a hole deeper and close to pot size, sink the pot and plant bulbs inside, filling with soil and covering with shredded leaves, plus mulch. Think it will work?
Would love your opinon.

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For many bulbs your 6 inch pot is not deep enough. I use salvaged pots that are being thrown out by landscapers or gardeners. Check with your local waste management. I plant bulbs or plants in the pots with a good draining potting mix and then dig the pot into the garden. When I am taking out one pot and putting in another the same size there is no digging to do. Al

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