help my flowers are dying?

JacquelynEmerickFebruary 28, 2014

I live near houston tx, and for the past five days its been rainy and overcast, no sun for my flowers. They are in a greenhouse, and when I opened it today all of them looked like they were molding, leaves were yellow or brown, petals had black spots or the whole flower was squishy and rotting. I pruned all the bad leaves and flowers off my plants, hyacinths, snapdragons, renunculous roses, and some flowers I can't remember the name of ( they are small, five petaled pink flowers with large waxy leaves, the flowers have small blackk spots and the leaves look like they have white residue on them kinda like when your dishes come out of a poor cycle in the dishwasher) what do I do? I new at gardening and I don't want them to die! Is it overwatering from all the rain?

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Probably a combination of moderate temps and high humidity. Open the windows and use a fan. Don't know if you can save anything at this point, or if it's worth the trouble. Houston is notorious for high humidity, ventilation is very important in your area. Live and learn and replant.

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