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yetdooksiOctober 16, 2013

To start, I'm not sure what type of tree I have, so I posted a link to some pictures

I've had this tree for years, living healthy in my backyard with the same conditions and watering patterns. About a month ago my tree slowly started withering and half the tree became yellow.

I am sure that my watering routine is not the culprit, the tree gets plenty of sunlight and fresh air. So I assume it is sick with a disease. I have read other postings on this forum, based on what I read, I have come to believe that the best solution may be to prune off the sick leaves, maybe change the soil then apply fungicide.

My question is, is this what I should do? I am not too certain of this solution. This is the first time this tree seems sick after owning it for years.

This tree really grew on me a few years ago, and I would hate to see it die. What do you think the best solution would be?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket

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Some questions about the plant. Has it been in this same pot for years? What is your watering and fertilizing regimine? Has there been an increase of rain frequency lately? Does the soil drain well? Aloha

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Well I changed the pot maybe 3 years ago, and it seemed very healthy and green. I water this tree about once a week. I use liquid fertilizer every other week in substitute of water. There has not been any increase in rain lately, this tree has seen much heavier rain a year ago. Soil water drainage should not be an issue, the pot has sufficient and effective drainage.

I'm pretty sure it is infected, if this is the case, would spraying fungicide help?

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Give it a try. I use a systemic Insect and disease called "2 N 1 Systemic" by Ferti-lome. Active ingredient is Tebuconazole: Alpha [2-(4-chlorophenyl)-]H-1, 2, 4-triazole-1 ethyl at 0.80% and Imidachloprid at 0.15%. Labeled for Roses, Iris, Azaleas Rhododendrons and more. I use it on all my potted plants and has not harmed any and improved some plants that I could not figure out what was the problem and some I did. I am sure there many alternatives to this product. JMHO Aloha

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