Growing orange jasmine seeds

cliviajohn(z7NY)October 3, 2007


I just ordered orange jasmine seeds. I want to make it a bonsai. Does anyone have any tips for me with this plant? What is the best method to keeping the plant small? I'm brand new to bonsai so my experiences is limited. Any information would be appreciated!!!


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Hi, growing from seed is interesting, and a good learning experience. However, trying to grow bonsai from seed without already-grown trees to work on while you wait will be very frustrating by itself, because you won't have anything worth working on for 3-5 years. Most bonsai are trained from larger plants being cut back, and only seed grown as a sideline. By the time your tree has become a plant (skinny trunk and all) with any woodiness to it, you may have forgotten all about bonsai! 'Keeping' it small is not the way to keep it small :-), but cutting it back after it's been grown out in the ground or a large container, and THEN keeping it small by pruning and training is. Why not start reading up on bonsai before spending...,, and check around for local clubs, the best way to learn because you can see how things are actually done, ask all your questions of people who know the local climate and can direct to good places to find supplies.

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