Mulch Pile Plant VS Containers

garf_gwFebruary 23, 2012

I just has an incident point out how bad the soil in my containers is. I put a Red Brandywine plant in a small mulch pile that is over 30 years old. That plant literally exploded. It has been out around 8 weeks. It makes my container plants look totally sick.

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Well, that is easy.

That's because the earth took care of the one in the ground, and you took care of the one in the container.

Mother Earth, God, Aliens, Worms, Bacteria, Microbes,
which ever you prefer on the other hand do know what they are doing.;-)))


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It is forever tempting to compare growing in the soil in the garden with growing in containers. The conditions are so different a comparison is meaningless. As we accept this and concentrate on how to best meet the needs of the plant in our care, confined to a container, we will be rewarded. I can give dozens of examples in my own growing yard, of plants in nursery pots, neglected, having grown through the drain holes, through the landscape fabric into hard earth. These plants put on such a spurt of growth they are easy to pick out from hundreds of pots. Al

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You don't have the kind of crap for soil that I have.

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