boonus(z6 PA)May 2, 2007

I purchased some hardy cyclamen (neapolitanum) from a mail order nursery. I called them to check on which way to plant them. The bulbs are like discs and one is a definite smooth side and the other side is somewhat indented on some but not all, some look like roots growing, but not sure if it's roots or what. Was instructed that they should have some indentation and that was the top side. Is this correct? Have planted them shallow with the ground with the smoothest side down. When would they start to sprout and will I be able to keep them in the ground year-round. Not much interested in digging out plants and replanting every year. If they have to be dug up, can someone recommend a low ground cover flower to be used under trees. I also have just planted Minor vinca but would like additional color as well. Thanks.

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Plant it with the smooth convex side facing down.

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