Container soil question

purplethumb28February 24, 2013

Hello all I`m fairly new to gardening. I live in zone7. I planted some tomatoes and peppers last year in containers. My question is how can I prepare my potting soil for this growing season and when should I do it?

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Go to walmart, buy some 2 cuft bags of the new green bagged hyponex soil (some good soil I found so far). Or get what ever bagged potting mix you like. Get it home, open bag, and plant.

Potting mix has a larger buffer for ph and nutrients than soilless media. Soilless media can produce more yield, but it has its disadvantages. Both have some advantages and some disadvantges. To say there are NO disadvantages to one in particular would be speaking in absolutes.


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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

On the other hand, you could take some time to read about the 5-1-1 mix many on this forum prefer over store bought mixes that are mostly peat and often contain "moisture control" pellets, both of which cause your mix to get soggy and compacted, leading to poor growth and disappointment. If Mastergardener1's suggestion worked so well, there wouldn't be hundreds of us coming here asking for help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Container Soils -- Water movement and retention

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Thanks for the response. I will check into both and see which is more on the budget friendly side.

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