Time for Gladiolus bulbs to sprout.

roly0217May 14, 2009

Hello everybody !!! This is my first time posting here. Until 2 weeks ago I only grew orchids with a collection reaching aroud 280. Now I decided to start a bulb garden comprised of Gladiolus, Asiatic lilies, Calla lilies and Dahlias. I received my Glads before yesterday and planted them yesterday. Hard work since it was 150 bulbs. Now my question is when would I start seeing foliage and flowers???

Thank you very much;


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I'm in zone 4 and took a gamble and put my glad corms from last year in today. In a couple of weeks I'll start putting in my new stock to extend the bloom season. As long as the weather holds, I'll expect to start seeing foliage in about 2 1/2 weeks and blooms by the end of June or early July. By staggering my plantings, I can have flowers until the end of September unless I get froze out.

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I'm in zone 8 and I just saw blooms on two of my established glads today ( I can leave them in the ground all year). The ones I planted in May are spiking through the ground but nothing close to flowering yet.

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Well all of the bulbs have sprouted already and the foliage is close to 3 feet high already so I'm hoping to see blooms sometime next month. Also the lilies and callas are doing great. The dahlias are the ones struggling a bit but still growing :D

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Maryl zone 7a

Also it depends on how deeply you planted them. I had a few bulbs left over this spring and gave them to my neighbor to plant. I had taken the time to dig down to the appropriate depth for my zone, amend my clay soil, fertilize, add a stake behind the bulb and in general do what you are supposed to do. She on the other hand took the hand full of bulbs I gave her scraped back the clay soil plunked the bulbs in and covered them to only about an inch above the bulb top.....Well, you guessed it. Hers have flowered already, and although I have a great batch of foliage, not even the bloom stalks are up(yet). I may learn a lesson here as to planting depth - that is if hers return reliably next spring. Mine almost always do because they are below the frost line. One thing I predicted to her did come true. Regardless of how dry we have been, as soon as the Glad blooms appear you can guarantee a whopper of a thunder storm complete with hail and strong winds.

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Yikes !!!! No thunderstorm or hail. I don't need that especially with my orchids and rest of my plants out. I do have a lot of foliage up but no stalks yet. I was hoping to have them blooming for the 4th.

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Maryl zone 7a

Alright, so almost all of my newly planted Glads are flowering now. I would really have prefered them to bloom earlier because it's in the triple digits here and the blooms don't last as long as they do in cooler temperatures. However because our spring was so cold and soggy I couldn't plant them until mid-April instead of mid-March as I had planned. So next year we will see which overwintered and when they decide to bloom on their own time table. How's everyone elses doing?

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cagoldbear(9a - Houston)

So, how is the rebloom on your glads? You staggered the planting, so did they rebloom staggered, or all at once?

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