is there any reasons why juniper bonsais cannot be kept indoors?

ryanbonsaiNovember 29, 2009

im wondering why the juniper bonsais cannot be kept indoors.

Can it be kept indoor if your room is vantilated twice a day, moist it 2-3 times a day using a spray bottle, give it full, sufficient sunlight... proper watering..?

if it still doesnt work even if you provide all of the above but , why is that...

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xxbodhixx(Zone7 TX)

A juniper will need a dormant period for several months in the winter. Low temperatures will need to be met and maintained to give this tree a rest. Juniper will also need full sun in the summer. My guess is it would survive throughout the summer with the care you described, and maybe even the first winter, but without this much needed rest, the tree will not thrive and will not survive years of this care.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Some few are noted for their success at growing junipers indoors under lights, so it can be done.

The hurdles are the fact that junipers are generally considered to need a period of cold rest to grow at their genetic potential (within the limitations of the cultural conditions you're able to supply) during the subsequent growth cycle. Low humidity leaves them vulnerable to mite attack. Most people tend to over-water them indoors.

Misting is ineffective at raising humidity, and is likely to cause problems than do any good, so be thinking 'humidifier'. See the link below, but bear in mind that Jack has been at bonsai longer than many of us has been alive. He knows plants and their physiology, which offers an extreme advantage.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jack Wikle does it. Read about it here.

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thanks everyone. so it IS possible to grow juniper indoors if it has dormancy.. My juniper is currently outside...hope i can bring him in during the spring-fall

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I have grown junipers in a green house, with no apparent need for a cold period, but I have never been able to keep one alive for more than 6 weeks indoors. My list of prime suspects include: lack of light (houses are dark in the desert), lack of air circulation (the greenhouse had evaporative cooling), and/or a lack of difference between day and night temperature. Spider mites also play a role indoors, but I have had junipers dry up with no sign of mite damage.

Still puzzling,
Kevin : 1

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Only growers with long term experience, and very, very few of those ever succeed in growing junipers indoors, even under really ideal conditions. Until you're a long time (decades) bonsai expert, don't waste your time, the tree's life and your money, it's just not worth it.

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