Too late to plant glads & anemones?

sterlingsilverMay 25, 2009

First of all, I *did* check the FAQs page and tried a search, but didn't find an answer there.

Is it too late to plant gladioli and anemones now in zone 6? I realize that the end of May is not ideal, but I found bulbs on sale just before I left town for a couple of weeks and haven't been able to get them in the ground yet.

Should I go ahead and plant them? The ones I planted earlier this year are already about a foot high. Or, should I just wait and try planting them next spring?

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Nancy zone 6

If you have them, get them in the ground. I prefer to plant glads a few weeks apart, extending the bloom period. I don't know about anemones, they probably won't like the heat, but I think they would stay dormant til fall. The anemones I have bloom in spring & again when it gets cool in the fall. I believe they dry out easily & wouldn't last til fall or spring to plant.

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Glads are usually planted 10 days/2 weeks apart for continuous bloom and cosnidering they take from 60 - 75 days from planting time to bloom time, glads in zone 5 can be planted as late as end of the June.
For zone 6, this puts the later date to about two weeks later I'd say.
So you have lots of time to get those bulbs into the ground.

Just be sure to lift them, and store them, before a heavy frost.

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