Attack of the Gladiolus Cormlets!

steve1young(7A)May 18, 2012

I used to love Gladiolus. Now I'm not so sure. I had them growing in a few spots along a garden bed that runs infront of a picket fence, but I after a few years I decided to move them to a few spots along the garden bed on the other side/backside of the picket fence.

I'm now very happy with where the Gladiolus are placed. From the front, they look great when the flower stalks grow above the height of the fence and when they're not in bloom the fence hides the foliage so that other plants/flowers infront of the fence can really shine.

However, even now, years after moving them from their original spots I find little Gladiolus weeds/Cormlets sprouting up and it's a constant battle to keep them at bay. The only way to get rid of these little monsters is to dig down under them and pull them out, stem and cormlet both. If you don't pull out the cormlet, it'll just grow another even stronger stem.

I've tried taking out the soil from places where they were originally planted and replacing it with fresh soil, but those little cormlets seem to always find a way and they even seem to pop up in areas where I don't recall ever planting them originally.

Does anyone else find themselves battling with Gladiolus weeds/cormlets?

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Well, no, because I consider them a bonus, not a weed.

But, if you are having problems, I imagine Roundup or a similar herbicide would put an end to it.

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I have in the past faced the same problem. If you must use the space for something where the cormlets and their foliage will be a problem I dug and strained the soil through 1/2 inch hardware cloth. It caught about 90% of the cormlets. Al

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Yes. I move things around endlessly, and glad cormlets are an evil weed in these conditions. I feel your pain.

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