No Tulip Flowers Yet?

lilies_and_roses(1a)May 17, 2009

Hi... I planted about 3 dozen new tulip bulbs last fall and their foliage had come up beautifully, it doesn't look like it's going to get any taller and has been that way for over a week, but there still aren't any flowers. How long does it take for the flowers to pop up? I know that older bulbs can send up foliage without flowers but these are first year bulbs. Thanks!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Where are you located? Are you really in zone 1a? I really don't think tulips are 'that' hardy.


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Commercially produced and sold tulips already contain the flower in the bulb and will reliably bloom if not abused in storage, or not chilled sufficiently. What ever the case your only choice now is to wait and hope for the best. Al

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