Newbie to Elephant Ears

IRuehl(8b-9a, Savannah GA)May 12, 2011

I love them, mom grew them when I was a child, and while I lived in Hawaii, they were everywhere. I just bought my first place and am a newbie at gardening. I planted 2 bulbs in the ground in may, from homedepot. They have been coming up now, and have a few smaller leaves. I was wondering if they get huge in the first year, or will it take time like other perennials? I don't know the rule with bulbs! The one I potted started alot sooner, and thus is alot bigger, but its also in the store bought soil.

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They do well in ordinary garden soil and should reach four to five feet the first year. In your zone(which I can only guess at)I would expect you will have enough frost to burn them down to the ground in winter, but they will come back as the spring weather arrives. Starting from bulbs as you did, can sometimes cause the bulb to rot, if planted before the soil has warmed. Once they have grown roots as yours have they do not have the same tendency to rot in the cold wet soil of winter. Al

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