rocketjeremyMay 24, 2009

I was given a bag full of tulips from a friend that were dug up I believe this spring after they were done flowering. The leaves are still a little green but the flowers and stems are obviously dead. What do I need to do to "harvest" the bulbs for next spring. Should I throw them back into a container so they can store energy or can I just store the bulbs somehow and plant them in the fall. Thanks in advance for the advice!!

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I doubt that you could replant them now and have them grow on and energize the bulb for next year. Many tulips tend to split the bulb and you have two small bulbs joined together neither of which is large enough to bloom next year. I would look over the bulbs and discard the splits. Measure the rest and if less than 12cm circumference I would discard also as being too small to bloom next year. The rest I would save in a cool place with good air circulation until fall planting time. Be sure any bulbs saved are free of moisture or they mold. I hang mine in mesh bags in the basement. Al

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Getting the bulbs to send their starches down into the bulb is your only thing to do, so get them back into the ground NOW....and if you cant put them into a permanent place, put them into containers and hope the foliage dies back naturally.
If the bulbs have been deprived of this necessity, you may be disappointed with what comes up next spring.
Chances are very poor growing of foliage and bloom will result.

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