juniper bonzai

jmhelm(3b)November 28, 2012

i recently purchased a juniper bonzi. i have read that it should it be kept outside so that it can go dormant in the winter months. true or false. do i continue to water it while it is outside? Please advise thanks in advance.

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Where do you live (state, north or south) because that's important in re watering and winter protection.

And btw, it's bonSai, not bonzai or bonzi (not a Japanese suicide practice, but a tree growing practice... very different! :-).

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I've been wondering the same about juniper bonsai. I bought a juniper at a nursery in October (clearance price!) and cut it down to a pretty little bonsai. Now I'm wondering if I dare keep it on our outdoor balcony on the 37th floor in Manhattan. It gets very, very windy there and I think it could just dehydrate and die, though it would be covered in snow much of the time. Maybe if I put it out in a New York winter it will be bonzai and not bonsai!!
David Tillyer

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Dtillyer,

I have a juniper Bonsai and i keep mine protected on the ground with somme mulch around it to kept it isulataded, so even if you keep it on you sill, you could still keep it tucked in and probobly not have any issues...just give it some snow evey once in a while and it well do very well for you. Just give it somme proctection and it

should be fine.. if you put it out in New york it

will be ' bonsai' more or less 'bone.. sigh'' as

pronounced... ;-)

Keep it from the strong winds and keep it secluded from the harsh elements.. it should so fine for you!!!

Good Luck!!!


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i need some help i got a bonsai about two months ago its been dooing great but now it looks like the needles are turning purple and becomeing ver brittle what am i doing wrong and it is inside and its a juniper

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Are you feeding and what with Aaron ?, the purpley bluish colouring is usually a sign of overfeeding. What is the tree planted in soil wise, free draining medium is usually the best

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Aaron, Juniper doesn't survive indoors.


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