I am confused

bamboo_turtlesNovember 29, 2009

Over the last two years or so , Home Depot has been getting in some nice " gensing root " plant they call a ficus . I tend to think it's some kindof Privet , although the leaves are similar to a Ficus benjamina but they are abit thicker and tougher . Is anyone familiar with these bonsai plants that you can purchase from Home Depot ? What is the difference between Privets and Ficus benjamina ?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Ginseng ficus (Ficus retusa), is simply one of the many hundreds of species of Ficus and is used extensively for bonsai because it is hard to kill. Asking to have the differences between privet and Ficus B described is like asking someone to describe the differences between a boy and a turtle. The differences are too many for someone to enumerate. Much information is available on the net if you want to chase it down. I'm guessing you won't need to go any further than 'Google Images'.


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