Tips for A Patio Woodland garden!

woodlandpatioFebruary 26, 2014


I live in Kentucky, zone 6A.

This year I got a patio to plant on. I was looking forward to tomatoes but my patio is partial to full shade.

So I decided to make a forest floor type garden. Instead of The Usual Hostas I picked Arum, Astilbes, Arisaemas, Actaeas... I just realized most of my new plants start with A...

But! I need to see what if any specific potting mix traits I need to put my plants in. It will need to retain some moisture, but the area is sheltered shady and cool. It will be easy to over water. Do you have any suggestions for my tree free woodland garden?

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Just a follow up to this:

Everyone really seems to like the 5-1-1 homemade mix and I just found out today that I can get all the ingredients in one place not too far from where I live! I feel really blessed for that considering some folks never find the ingredients, so I figured I'd lose nothing by trying it.

I'm also going to get some nylon rope for a wick at the bottom.

is there anything else I can do to increase drainage? Is this enough? I'm very concerned about this as where I'm putting these pots is shady and sheltered. Unless the water flows out of the pots it's going to stay there for a long time, which would be bad for the plants.

I would also like to know what if any tips you have for growing in partial to full shade and if you have any planting ideas!

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