15 percent leaching and the dish

marc5(6aOH)February 10, 2013

I am assembling my ingredients for 5:1:1 and Gritty mixes, looking forward to my first plantings in them. My avocado pit should be almost ready. Josh, I like the look of your "Gritty 5:1:1"--thanks.

How do you handle the water that collects in the dish holding the container? I know from reading here that when watering, I should aim for 15% leaching. My starts will be inside for now (still winter here in Ohio). I don't want the water to leak out onto the floor, so how do you pros handle the logistics of watering indoors? And you probably don't want water sitting in the dish. Do you all water in a sink, then transfer to the dish on the floor?

Thanks--great forum!


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Wet-Dry shop vac.....

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There is no problem having a dish catch the leached water as long as the container is raised within the dish so no water remains touching the bottom of the container. Al

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Quite right, Al... and it also makes for a little more humidity around the plants.

Most of us either empty the saucers after the plants drain, or we take our plants to the sink for the process of copious watering and draining.

I keep a large bucket handy for dumping saucers with extra water, though my kitchen sink is only steps away.

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