Mail Order or pick up reccs. please, thank you.

cocoabeachloraxMay 2, 2011


I'm in Coastal Brevard County Florida. I have posted this on the Clivia forum, but it's somewhat ghost town like over there and I thought someone here might be able to help.

I'd like to order a small (4 to 8 leaves) Clivia for a beautiful little planter. It's the perfect plant for this space. White Flower Farms has really beautiful more mature plants (I have one that is just phenomenal) but I want a smaller one.

Can anyone recommend a reputable e bayer, online vendor, or perhaps a location in my general area to purchase this ? I'm not at all picky, but I do want to steer clear of the varigated varieties, plain healthy thick deep green leaves are good enough for me.

Any help you can offer, I greatly appreciate.

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If you wanted your purchase to go towards a good cause, the North American Clivia Society is sponsoring an Ebay auction of clivias to benefit Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims. Not sure how much of bargain these plants might be, however :-)

Here, clivias tend to be rather commonly offered houseplants but just doing a Google search turns up a variety of online vendors. Have no idea how reliable these may be.

Since clivias are not technically bulbs, you might also want to post this in the Amaryllis forum (they are a fleshy-rooted member of the Amaryllidaceae) for additional suggestions. Or try the Florida Gardening forum for local sources.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clivia charity auction details

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Gardengal thank you so much for all of the helpful links. Will do !

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