Container garden plans

swamptribeFebruary 8, 2011

Have my swc's made. Two are filled. Working on the soil mix for the others. Been researching how much of what I can plant in each container, but there seems to be some confusing on the subject.

What I was wondering is, I have two 10 gallon containers, five 18 gallon, and one 30 gallon container.

I was planning on planting first salad mix in one of the 10 gallons. Then later bush beans and pole beans in them.

How many peppers can I get in the 18 gallon containers? Two or three? I read three but want to double check.

How about squash (yellow and zucchini)and cukes, how many in each 18 gallon SWC? Thinking two.

There will be two tomatoes in the 30 gallon container. Unless y'all think that's too much.

I'm also thinking of trying straw bale gardening, if I can find some cheap straw bales somewhere.

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I don't know about the other things, but I think you cou; get away with much smaller containers for salad greens. I use pots with a depth of from eight to ten inches for mine and they work well. I use multiple pots of that depth to get better yield from the amount of potting mix I use.

I don't know the size of my tubs for tomatoes, but they're the larget ones I can lay hands on. On the other hand, using small tomoato plants like Tiny Tim or others, I can plant those in small containers.

Hope this helps.

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prestons_garden(9B SZ 22 HZ 6 SoCal)

Cucumbers - 2 per 18 gal container.

Tomatoes - The larger the better per 1 plant. A 30gal container would work ok with 2 tomatoes.

Peppers - What kind of peppers do you have in mind?


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I planted mixed salad greens in the one container because it just bugged me to see it sitting there empty for now. It will be replaced with something else fairly soon. I have another long shallow container also planted with mixed salad greens, and I'll probably harvest that half at a time, replacing the harvested half with more seeds. At lest until it gets too hot for them. Have some cilantro in a regular container now too, and am planning on planting such things as rosemary and other herbs in some of the pots I have hanging around. Just decided to wait because the weather keeps getting chilly here.


I'm planning on just doing green peppers, bell type, this year. Have a big jar full of dried hot peppers from before we moved this year. Might try some other sweet peppers. Just depends on what is available as plants at the local store.

Going to try solar fire tomatoes in the big container. Also have a bunch of seedlings for Everglades. Those will go in the ground, or even better, in hay bales. Would love to try hay bale planting, but my budget is so tight right now don't know if it will work out.

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I normally am just fine with where I live, but today as I gaze at 2 feet of snow and a high of 10 degrees, I find reading these post almost painful. I want to plant salad greens on my deck!

In all seriousness, enjoy those greens, Swamptribe. I only grow in EarthBoxes, so haven't a clue as to how many you can plant in your containers. Hope you get more info. For what it's worth, an Earthbox contains 14 gallons of soil (if I calculated correctly) and I can plant 6 peppers in one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here for Earthbox planting info

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