Pots chock full like grocery store potted plants!

archoo16(5b, MO)February 26, 2013

Hi ! I am a terrace gardener. Year 1 - killed existing plants both indoor and outdoor. year 2 - killed outdoor plants only. year 3 - harvested 6lbs of tomatoes, green hot peppers to last all growing season, enough mint and lots of greenery both indoor and outdoor.

now to perfect it : How do I get my pots to look so full , I cant see the soil, like the plants in grocery stores? eg. Hyvee had these gorgeous tiny containers of purple chrysanthemums. blooming all over the pot, you couldn't see the leaves. How do they do it?? Is there some technique like cutting off the tips or something??

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

The technique is perfect greenhouse conditions, perfect temperatures and light, excellent soil and drainage, just right humidity, maximum fertilizer just under the amount that would kill the plant, and growers with years of experience, enough money and lots of time and patience. That packed pot on sale today will need to be transplanted soon because its roots are pot bound. It will be replaced if it ever looks bad. Plants are living things that need to go through cycles of growth and rest, blooming and recharging.

If you really want to grow plants that look fantastic, you need to devote yourself to learning how to do it. It takes time and dedication just like anything else in life that is worth doing. Explore this forum, ask questions and search for answers. There are people here who can grow plants like that. Be humble and learn from those who know.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Greenhouse growers have the ability to regulate light and also to use growth regulator chemicals to produce the desired result at the right time. A grower whose roses begin their bloom cycle after mothers day is not likely to stay in business. Al

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