Brown Needles on my Juniper Procumbens nana

vrejbNovember 12, 2007

The needles on my tree that are closest to the branches/trunk are dead and brown (but still on the tree). I found a thread from another forum (not bonsai) that said the needles on the inside die off and new growth is found on the outside. Does this apply to my tree as well? And another bit of info is that I'm not sure whether the browning is recent, or I just discovered it. I've only had the plan for a few weeks and hadn't looked at all parts of the plant closely till today.

I'm a total novice here, but I live in Los Angeles, Keep my tree away from any artificial air, lives on my windowsill and gets a few hours of sunlight a day, and I only close my window at night when I sleep. If the tree is dying I'd rather give it away than watch it die slowly, any opinions?

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Unless you plant it straight into the ground yesterday (no pot!) it'll be gone very shortly. Junipers have no business indoors, and 'a few hours of sunlight a day' is not helping anything, neither is the (likely) cheapo, water holding potting soil it probably came in (vs mostly grit that conifers need for fast drainage), nor would be the layer of glued on pebbles your tree may have come with (and that should be pried up and discarded). The brown needles you see now may only be last year's castoffs, but could also be due to much too frequent watering, with the pot sitting in drain water and rotting roots, as well as lack of all the good things being outdoors will give it (that you can't duplicate inside). Go to for basic generic care, for lots of great info on (mostly) outdoor bonsai, and re growing tropicals indoors. Those are some starter places, but a local club is definitely the best place to learn, so try to find one.

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