Moving daffodils

ford8nn(z4IL)May 4, 2011

We want to move a group of daffodils today. They just finished blooming a week or so ago. I'd rather not hafto plant them right away, wait til fall. What's the right procedure?

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roxanna(z5b MA)

don't know if anyone will consider this the "right procedure" but a couple of years ago, my son rescued three trunk-loads of daffodils the university had thrown out into their trash. i simply put the bulbs, still with all their foliage, into every wheelbarrow and container i could lay my hands on -- kept the foliage above the soil i shoveled on top of the bulbs. left them that way for most of the summer. the foliage did its usual die-back, and in October, i planted them all in wide trenches dug by my husband (none of this dig a hole, plan one bulb, business!) with some bulb food in the trench bottom. this year they are blooming beautifully. what a bonanza -- i still can't believe that they were being thrown away!

i would think, if you don't want to replant right away, you could follow a similar method to mine. i can vouch that it does work. good luck!

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Roxanna's method is a good one :-) It is much better to heel the bulbs in somewhere (wheelbarrow, pots, an unused portion of the garden) to allow the foliage to ripen naturally and mature and leave the bulbs in place than it is to attempt to store the bulbs individually until fall planting.

Ideally, I'd go ahead and replant now in their intended new location but I understand that is not always practical.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

I posted a message here earlier today but evidently I must have hit the wrong buttons..Anyway...if I dig some of my daffs up, plant them into pots that would be about the depth that you normally plant daffs in the ground, and let them stay in the pot until fall when it's planting time, they will be okay? Once I dig them up and put into pots, do they need to be exposed to sun for the foliage to die back? I could always hide them behind A/C unit where they will get sunlight still. I wouldn't want these bulbs to rot in the pots. These daff bulbs were planted in Nov. 2008..

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

pippi21 - I answered you. Your post was on a different thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: pippi's question

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Flora..I knew I posted that question, guess I must have been having a Sr. Moment! LOL! Just trying to do too many things today. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank You for your response.

I already know I need to move some "Becky" Shasta Daisies from the garage bed. I don't know if I rec'd them in the wintersown swap I think and there was no height on the pkt. Could have bought some seeds myself..Who knows, but that needs to be rectified. They are too tall for where they are planted now. Does this ever happen to you? I don't think should move them now when they are blooming, so that's a Fall project.

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