Daffodils divided after bloom this year, sad looking

nicoleternity(6a)May 18, 2012

Hi all,

A friend gave me some daffs after blooming and I planted them, but they flopped and look awfully sad. I'm going to leave them and see if they come back next year...

I'm wondering if there is anything I should do for them in the meantime? I was not cutting them back even though they are an eyesore, because I'm assuming that the leaves are necessary for them to come back next year.

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Absolutely perfectly normal if you divided them. In another couple of weeks, the foliage will be all yellow and you can remove it.

They'll be just fine. They look sad now, and might not bloom well next year (or, they could), but in the future they'll be happy. They need to be divided when they get too thick.

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Thanks - okay great :). Yeah my friends' were thickets of them, so that's why she had me come take some! These were INCREDIBLY hardy and happy to her house. Glad to know this is normal, I'll wait for the foliage to totally yellow.

Thanks again,


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