Zone 4 anemone & ranunculus

steelskies(5)May 7, 2011

I bought sme of these bulbs on sale at Menards, but I think they aren't hardy in my zone (Wisconsin). I think I have to lift the bulbs before winter, but I don't think they bloom this summer if I plant them this spring.

I planted some anemones before and never got a thing.

I did read that they should be soaked before planting. If so, how long, if anyone knows.

Looking for any information about how to grow these to flower stage in my Zone 4. thank you in advance!

Thank you in advance

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steve22802(7a VA)

Regarding Ranunculus, I would refer you to my post on a recent thread, see link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ranunculus

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Which kind of anemones? The daisy like ("Windflowers") ones are cold hardy. The ones that look like poppies (deCaen) are only hardy to Zone 6. I have not grown those, though I was tempted (Saw them at Menard's, too) and looked them up on the Brent and Becky's bulb site. Those need to be planted in spring, to bloom this year. Then either dug up in fall, or treated like an annual.

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Anemone Coronaria or wind flowers survive winter in z6. Mine are white, I wonder if there are some other colours. They are pretty little flowers and last several weeks but what I've noticed after 6 or 7 years they are not spreading and the number of anemones is getting smaller. I'm curious why they are not multiplying.

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CORRECTION! CORRECTION! Anemone Blanda overwinters not anemone coronaria. Sorry to mislead anyone.

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