Noob here!!

Johnnyboy7November 17, 2013

Hi all

I used to look in on this Bonsai forum years ago (didn't join, just enjoyed reading- there was some great and funny characters back then as i'm sure there are now!!)

Anyhow, i've been in to Bonsai for around 15 years now and recently was given around 36 trees from an aquaintance that was moving to a smaller property..

The trees have unfortunately been neglected due to him having to care for his wife that's been ill for the last four years, she passed away a month ago..

When I last called at his house around eight years ago, he had the most magnificent collection that i'd ever seen!!

He kept a few of his best trees to take with him ;)

I'll post up a few pics and hope that opinions will be offered on a way to progress them..

It's winter now in the UK and most of the foliage has dropped on the deciduous ones though some are still fully dressed!!

The coin in some pics is a 50p coin- just over one inch across and is for scale..

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Another Hawthorne..

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Large-ish Silver Birch..

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