My bonsai was over-watered and has white blotches

jclee500November 19, 2013

Im not sure what type of bonsai plant I have but i have had it for about 8 years. I watered it one day not realising my sister had watered it the night before. It now has brown rings around the trunk and the few leaves (I cut the rest of them off cos they were dying) has white blotches. See pics attached. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Take a picture in focus and farther away. Over-watering for one night will not be the cause of your problem. So don't blame your sister. Read up on some insect infestations that occur for indoor plants (it is not uncommon). The literature will have the recommended treatment. Please describe your regular horticultural practices for your indoor bonsai plants. This will help with any other suggestions forum members may have. thanks and aloha.

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