was it right to prune that juniper's roots?

justeen_bonsai(z7 VA)November 20, 2006

I collected an eastern red cedar from the woods a couple days ago and had to prune the roots hard to get it inside my container. I did, however, prune the "leaves" back pretty good too. Was it right to do that, or will I just have a brown tree in a couple of weeks? I have it sitting outside because I read that in the fall, junipers regenerate their root system. I keep the soil moist and it's in partial sun. Thanks for any responses and help!

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At this point it is really a moot argument understanding that you already did the deed. In the future it would be better to ask before you did something you are not sure of.

In the case of this tree you probably dodged a bullet, they are pretty hardy and can take a lot of abuse. There are however; a few things you have to understand about collected material. Collected trees need almost all of the roots you can manage to collect. It is usually a mistake to prune anything below ground that is not dead or rotten. It is also a mistake to hack down the tree to fit a pot at this point, that is a procedure for latter down the road when the tree recovers and starts to respond. This usually take three complete growing seasons before this can be done safely. So there ya go. Just wait and see what happens but don't disturb the roots again.

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