Moving towns, bring bulbs? Read details please!

luyza(5)May 18, 2010

Hello, I am in zone 4, borderline 5, and I am moving from one apartment to another, an hour and a half away, same state, same zone.

I read the FAQ but I didn't find my question there.

I currently have bulbs planted outdoors, planted straight in the soil by the apartment. 6 day-lilies, 8 gladiolas, 2 hyacinths, 1 amaryllis... I know, it doesn't match at all, LOL, that's because those are bulbs that I received as grocery store gifts throughout the years :P

I hold on to those grocery store bulbs because I don't have a lot of money to spend on them myself.

In the new apartment, there won't be a deck, balcony, or lawn, so the bulbs would have to be houseplants!

Anyway, it's May now, and I will be moving in July 1st.

Those plants are about 2 feet tall now, they don't look ready to bloom anytime soon.

I hadn't stored them away before, because we didn't know we were moving!

* Question 1: So, should I bring the bulbs with me?

* Question 2: I have been trying to find resources about growing bulbs indoors, but I have only been able to find info about FORCING bulbs! Arrgggh! :-(

So, if you do grow bulbs indoors, what's your setup / can you give me some links?

Yes... I'm a gardening newbie...!

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

your Amaryllis can be grown in a window without any problem at all so that one is easy. The Daylilly and Hyacinth require a clear dormancy so you need to mimic that for the winter somehow. Perhaps you could refrigerate them to give them their dormancy for the winter. The Gladioli are apparently the temperate species rather than the tropical ones you see in most yards for the summer. I suppose it depends on the species you are dealing with. If they are the ones you see for sale as hybrids everywhere you can likely lift them and store them for the winter. One of your biggest problems is that these are all full sun loving plants and that is hard to duplicate inside a house unless you want to provide some serious extra light. I grow winter growers under 400W MH lights to give them a ton of light and they do fine, but during the summer everyone goes outside in a lot of sun. Wish I could help more, but the Amaryllis is the easy one. Best of luck :o) Dan

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Thanks Dan, it's true, Amaryllis should be fine indoors.

Hmm... since it's just a second floor apartment... maybe I'll ask the landlord if I can grow them in containers by the door... see how receptive he is :-P

The indoor lights would be cost prohibitive for me, but that's a good idea. Oh well. One day I will have my dream of a bathroom full of plants, haha :-)

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