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mganga_mulapali(MD)November 29, 2006

I wonder if any clubs or persons have found a good way to dispose of a collection of someone who is unable to care for their trees, or has died. Touchy subject, but as I look around I see a lot of elderly artists and old collections. I have seen and had to care for collections after the death of a person who passed away, and family and friends were not interested in maintaining the collection. In some cases an attempt was made, but after seeing the work watering, pruning and winterizing, the person gave up and abandoned the trees or contacted the club for disposal.

Has anyone or a club found a good way to pre-plan for their demise and the disposession of the collection?

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I personally haven't had to deal with this sort of situation, but I have heard that "redistribution" of bonsai is generally best through the person's club or through close bonsai friends/aquaintances. Family may or may not be the best method (as you mentioned, as members may not be particularly interested/skilled/devoted). Another way is to a local (public) bonsai collection, perhaps at a conservatory or arboretum.

- Audric

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In my experience, people tend to auction the bonsai. It is the fairest way of redistributing the trees, and serves the added benefit of raising some case (in some cases a LOT of cash) for survivors who would otherwise not be interested in the trees.

- Alex

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