So, can you overwinter Glads...?

primavera_growerMay 31, 2009

I read that you should dig up glads after they die back, but then in another place I read you could overwinter them. Because my zone is pretty warm, could I just leave them in the ground to overwinter instead of digging them up? And at one point are they supposed to be divided?

Enlighten me please.

-A seminewbie.

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Yes, in your zone you can just leave them in the ground - cutting the stalks down once they brown out and die back in the fall.

Each year, the glad produces one large new corm and many cormlets - eventually the little cormlets will produce new plants which will take several years to reach blooming size. When new plants have established, you can dig them up in the fall and simply respace them to keep them from crowding eachother out.

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Nice!! Does that apply to freesias too? Can I leave them in the ground as well? Or no? I'm planting then in the fall. Thanks.

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We don't see freesias here - except at florists.

Freesias are hardy in zones 9-10 so they could be more work for you. They might survive in the ground if you plant them in a protected area and mulch them over the winter.

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My glads come back every year and multiply too. I am trying freesias for the first time this year and plan to try to leave them in the ground. We'll see what happens.

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Maryl zone 7a

Definitely Glads can be perennial in our zones. Not just the species Glads, but the florist Glads as well.

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