first bonsai using a cutting(project1)

brettc2009November 23, 2009

Hi all!! Im new to this site and just thought IÂd like to share a photo or two of my first attempts in the art of bonsai growing also hope to get some input and advise

started from a cutting

Now I am trying to shape the trunk using string and elastic bands before the trunk becomes more difficult to train any advice or comments are most welcome as said before I am new to bonsai growing and am open to and appreciate envy helpful comments. I have a few questions. Due to the plant being quite small what would be the best thing to do to the plant during the growing season (spring and summer) allow it to grow naturally? Focus growth to the trunk or focus growth to the leaves?

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Jack Reynolds(9)

OK, you have a Ficus benjamina cutting that you want to make into a bonsai. The first thing you should do is get a book on Ficus bonsai by Jerry Meislik. You can order it from his website: The price is reasonable. Then I would find a bonsai club in your area by Googling something like "bonsai clubs". If you are in CA go to the Golden State Bonsai Federation website. They have a listing of almost all the clubs in CA with contact info.
In order to control the shape of your tree you will need to wire it. The book and advice from experienced people will help you there. Until you can do that I would just grow the tree as if it were not a bonsai. It needs trunk development so let it go "wild" for a year or two to get some size to the trunk. Don't cut anything just feed and water it. Good luck, Jack

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Thank you for the advice Jack, il take off all the stuff holding it into place and allow it to grow. about the club though it might be a little hard to find one that is english as i am living in Rome at the moment, but il have a look. once again thanks. I would sure like to se a few Photos of your bonsais.. if your happy to share some photos

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Jack Reynolds(9)

Hey, not to worry, Italy has an active bonsai community. Google the name Michael Invernizzi. He is an Italian bonsai master who I admire a lot and I know he has a website but I don't remember the address. Anyhow I am sure you can find a bonsai club in Rome. Jack

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IL look him up:D thank you again. One last thing I am going to be adding a pic of my 2nd project which is allot more daring as it is a full grown Benjamin about 25years old, and would realy like your input and thoughts. I am not sure about how it would handle it. Its been left in the same pot and needs to be repotted and probably needs its roots trimmed, but it is winter now so I will have to wait for spring.


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Here she is!!!

this is the main plant i would like to work with she is a monster but im thinking about creating a bonsai with this plant...what do you think? the cutting above was taken from this plant

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Jack Reynolds(9)

YES!!! That is a good tree to make into a bonsai. It will have to be shortened gradually. Benjaminas do not like to be severly purned. I learned this the hard way. YOU MUST GET MEISLIK'S BOOK which I recommended in my first entry. He has great advice with illustrations on how to create Ficus bonsai from material like this. You should plan to start in the spring unless you have a greenhouse where you can keep the tree nice and warm all winter. Good luck, Jack

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Jack Reynolds(9)

I just noticed that I goofed on the Invernizzi name. It is Marko not Michael. Typing fingers running ahead of brain. Jack

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hahaha thanks!!!!! :) im going to look into it after Christmas
happy holidays!!! and all the best thanks for the advice


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