Holding Bulbs Over Winter

pink_warm_mama_1(Z4 Maine)May 30, 2011

Have no cool area whatsoever in which to hold planted bulbs, but if the bulbs are not planted, is there any way to hold them safely until spring container planting time?

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rain1950(W. WA z8)

Do you have an area where you could bury the pots then cover them with a deep layer of mulch?

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pink_warm_mama_1(Z4 Maine)

Unfortunately - no. Also - bulbs are not planted. Is it too cold in a frigg?

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No unheated attached garage or basement available? Crawl space? Root cellar?

Non-hardy summer flowering bulbs/tubers/corms have a few winter storage requirements in common - they need a cool (not cold), dark space, minimal moisture (just enough to prevent dessication) and to not touch each other. A refrigerator could work but I'd want it to be set to around 50F - not much lower - and to monitor the humidity carefully. And preferrably to be dedicated to bulbs only....:-)

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Do we know what bulbs are being asked about here? Without that info I can't really understand the question.

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pink_warm_mama_1(Z4 Maine)

Bulbs; Iris, tulips for instance. Garage is heated - no root cellar, basement or crawl space as mentioned. Thank you for any suggestions.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I asked what sort of bulbs because gardengal48 gave you info on summer flowering bulbs and I realised I didn't know what types you were interested in. Not all bulbs need the same treatment. It is important information so you can get relevant advice.

Tulips are generally planted in the Autumn if you want spring flowers. Keeping them until spring before planting will severely retard their flowering. Do you live in an appartment/have no outside space? Do you want these to bloom indoors or out?

I'm having trouble imagining your situation. You have room for spring containers but you don't have room to store the planted up bulbs. Couldn't you just plant up the containers and insulate them in some way as suggested earlier? Not trying to be annoying but we still need more specific info. The more you tell us the better we can help.

Can you give us more details of exactly what the situation is and what you want to grow?

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pink_warm_mama_1(Z4 Maine)

Live in an apartment that has a balcony. What other method can be used to insulate planted pots on the balcony for the winter? I'm thinking old blankets and tarps maybe, but need some help with that idea. Thanks for your time and effort.

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